Art + Farm Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon The Girls In The Vineyard


Some words about the girls
These girls love northern California.  What’s not to love? Days of lingering sunshine, nights of cool breezes, beautiful vistas in every direction.  As the beach boys sang “wish they all could be California girls”.
What the girls look and smell like
They look like a lovely rich and elegant garnet. And the smell is a blend of cassis, current and the deepest darkest cherry.  Before you give up the aroma for taste a dash of clove will also reveal itself.
What the girls feel like
You know how a silk scarf can just slip from your shoulder unexpectedly. This middleweight wine delivers glide-from-your-shoulder silkiness.  This is not an accident.  The feeling in your mouth is just a prelude to taste.
What the girls taste like
Cassis and bramble fruit with a hint of Mother Earth and sufficient cocoa to make it interesting.  It tastes like cabernet.  Nuanced and satisfying, you will not be disappointed in flavors that pour out of this bottle.
Matchmaking the girls
Like a classic cashmere sweater, our girls go with everything. Successful matches have included the classics like steak, or less conventional red wine fare like spicy Thai prawns .


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