Bala Perdida Alicante Bouschet



Bala Perdida is part of the collection of rogue and casual wines that perfectly define the philosophy of the Antonio Arraez winery. It has the peculiarity of being made 100% with the Alicante Bouschet grape variety, a unique variety whose interior and the skins are the same color. By way of curiosity, the name of this wine comes from the last film that David Carradine shot dressed as a cowboy, “Bala Perdida”. We can say that this Alicante wine is a rebellious wine wine, non-conformist and striking to the eye and palate. In all groups there is a stray bullet. Will not you be? Discover it with this wine. 100% Alicante bouchet, or garnacha tintorera, is the variety of this wine that is committed to the recovery of native grapes. It perfectly complements rice dishes, meats and stews of fish or seafood.


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