Experience, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon



Intense ruby in color, this Cabernet features a redolent bouquet of cassis, blueberry, plum, vanilla bean, toffee, clove and a touch of tobacco. This is a big wine for a big meal. Perfect for the dish that needs a wine whose flavor won’t get lost. Try this with any meat dish or any dish that bursts with big flavor!

It is often said that life is a journey, not a destination. It’s the experiences along the way that make up the essence of our character. Since 2001 we (Travis and Catherine Vale) have been on a journey that has culminated in the creation of something special. We started Experience Wines in 2010 with an eye toward starting a new journey and sharing our experiences with others.

Our original and bold wines are handcrafted to reflect the talent, imagination and heritage of our diverse winemaking team. Vineyards are selected for intensity and flavor, which express the true essence of each region. We are devoted to producing wines that define the quality and world-class style of Napa, yet remain attractively priced. With experience, we strive to deliver an exceptional bottle of wine that represents tremendous value.

Life is a constant evolution; at our core we honor our past, plan for our future, and in the interim enjoy the present. We invite others to join us on this experience with our wines.


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