Iconic Wines, Sidekick Cabernet Sauvignon



This bottle is an ode to the best old school Cali cabs… before so many California wineries turned bottles into massive fruit and oak bombs! On the nose, the juice is rich and bold with touches of cedar, ripe plum, and dark berries. The dark fruit with anise nuances and a chewy grip lightly hugs the palate. You’ll invite the flavors to stay at every sip 😉

Birk O’Halloran and Karl Antle are long time Wine Awesomeness partners. We’ve loved their rebellious take on wine from the very beginning, and what is unique about their rebellion is that it is more of a hat tip to the classics. They stared Iconic Wine out of a love for Chardonnay (and also comic books) and quickly added their take on wine with Cabernet Sauvignon.



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